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Massage Solution
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Let us be your Massage Solution
Our Salon
Massage appointments can be made for our Clear Lake area office on the online calendar. 

This office is conveniently located close to  the intersection El Camino Real and Bay Area. 

We offer several different types of massage at this location, and all of them can be tailored to suit your needs!

Awesome Massage... Actual Time.
  • We only charge the client for the time of the massage. Many other shops say the massage is an hour, but it's only 50 minutes, and then they still take changing time out of that! We never take consultation, preparation or changing time out of our client's massage time.
It's The Little Things
  • Your massage, if preferred, will include hot towels, a foot scrub, and aromatherapy. Other establishments make your order these off their sides menu, with us they are complimentary.
Therapist... In Charge.
  • Massage Solution is managed by an experienced and licensed massage therapist. Clientele and therapists are treated like they are the most important part of this business, because in truth: they are!
Any Massage Type... Same Price.
  •   We offer several different types of massages all for our regular price. Other shops charge extra for any type but Swedish. With us you pay for the time of the therapist; their knowledge and experience is included