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Massage Solution
Trigger Point Therapy
focuses on the knots in the muscle. Trigger points in the muscle get extra attention from the therapist to help the muscle release tension and heal. Although Trigger Point Therapy can feel intense, it usually isn't as painful as some Deep Tissue Massage. 
The theory that points in the feet and hands connect with organs and areas of the body lead clients alike to try reflexology for almost any ailment. Thorough attention is paid to the feet and hands, so if this modality is in conjunction with another massage modality, you might want to add time to the massage. 
Let us take care of your muscles
Massage Solution is known for our      

Signature Massage     

   a combination of:                      and complimentary:         
        Deep Tissue                                 aromatherapy
    Swedish Massage                             foot scrub
 Trigger Point Therapy                       hot towels
Deep Tissue Massage
helps muscles that have been over stretched, over worked, and knots in the muscles that hinder movement or flexibility. The goal is to create a little bit of pain so the body is signaled to heal that area. It is common to be a bit sore the day following the massage, but no longer than one day. 
Swedish Massage
increases circulation. While the therapist can use firm or light pressure with this massage modality, it all relaxes the client. This modality is usually used in conjunction with other modalities to "flush" the muscle of toxins that have been broken up by the therapist. 
Hot Stone Massage
adds heat to Swedish and Deep Tissue Massages. Therapists will need warning to make sure our stones are to temperature for the appointment, so be sure to add that in the notes section of the calendar. Heat is a great tool to relax the muscle before and after rigorous massage.
Pregnancy Massage
is only conducted by massage therapists that are certified in pregnancy massage. Massage can help relieve pain and tension during pregnancy. Currently we conduct sideline massage for pregnant clients. Massage is not recommended during first trimester of pregnancy.

Monthly Clients
no contract

45 minutes: $55

60 minutes: $69

90 minutes: $99

Massage Prices
all varieties

45 minutes:  $59

60 minutes:  $75

90 minutes:  $105